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Clients reviews

  • “What can I say about Stuart? He is a born masseur. He doesn’t work his way through a technique, but listens to the body, each time adjusting to the tensions and blockages that are there. He’s definitely one of the best I’ve ever had!”
    -Christina Mercken-


  • " Stuart managed to unblock emotions which had been stored in my body for decades. Since I started the treatment I experience more openness and a better flow of energy and emotions in and through my body. Stuart is very caring and professional. I am a masseuse too and his Chi Nei Tsang treatment is the most transforming experience I have experienced with a massage."
    -Jessica van Horssen- 


  • 'Stuart is the best! He is really friendly and calm, you feel at ease right away as he really knows his technique. Amazing!!'
    -Ursula Jernberg-


  • 'I have had different massage treatments from Stuart over the course of a year, and they have all been very healing experiences.  The Chi Nei Tsang massages especially have really improved my quality of life; removing emotional and physical blockages in the abdominal organs.  Stuart is able to hear what the body says, and to respond to what it needs.'
    -Robin Sutcliffe-


  • 'Right after my first Chi Nei Tsang massage with Stuart, I knew that this was the treatment that I needed. My abdominal region and organs were quite blocked and I felt that Stuart had the motivation and capacity to help me. After many treatments I still feel this way. Stuart is very professional and skillful in what he does. Most important, I always feel that he works from his heart. He truly has the intention to help the other person. Step by step my life is improving, and I'm sure that Stuart's treatments play an important role in this process of change. I especially feel that I'm more and more able to live the life that I want to live. I'm very grateful for Stuart's effort and I definitely recommend others to experience this too.'
    -Femke Jongerius-

  • 'As a bike shop owner I am constantly wrenching and repairing bikes, lots of arm and shoulder movements  Stuart has treated me twice over a couple of years and has done a wonderful job of loosening me up.  He creates a comfortable atmosphere and is extremely professional.  If I need work done again, Stuart would be the first person I would turn to.'

    -Michael Luksetich-


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